Imagine a technology that will help your body stay young

Youth will never go out of fashion. Beautiful skin, a healthy body and vitality – we just don’t want to part with them. While seeking longevity we fight all factors that accelerate ageing – unhealthy habits, stress, or pollution. We watch our diet and choose organic products. We attend fitness clubs and SPAs. We undergo invasive procedures at aesthetic medicine centres. And we wonder what else we can do…

At Oxygenius VR we challenge the existing methods used to fight the ageing process. Our genuine longevity capsule ‑ developed on the basis of innovative engineering technology – is a true anti-ageing revolution!

Oxygenius VR longevity capsule is a breakthrough on a global scale applying the latest technology. We provide you with our proprietary non-invasive Normative Hyperbaric Therapy Formula which offers spectacular rejuvenating effects!

In the isolated conditions of the capsule, at an air pressure of 1500 hPa which is higher than the atmospheric pressure (1000 hPa) you breathe perfectly clean air with a higher oxygen (31 – 39%) and carbon dioxide (0.05 – 2%) level. Normative hyperbaric pressure helps to significantly increase the blood’s oxygen level while the higher carbon dioxide level makes it easier to detach oxygen from haemoglobin in the capillaries. As a result your body and your cells are saturated with oxygen to a maximum! Adding molecular hydrogen to the capsules atmosphere intensifies the anti-ageing effect by raising the level of hydrogen to 0 – 0.5% and the humidity to 55 – 75% compared to the outside atmosphere. Hydrogen slows down cell division thus significantly prolonging their life. As a strong anti-oxidant it is effective in fighting free radicals that accelerate the ageing process.

Toned skin, a healthy and firm body, and an agile mind – there finally is a technology to provide all these effects at once. Available exclusively to guests of Oxygenius VR.

Normative hyperbaric therapies have more benefits as many scientific studies have shown:

  • Slowing down the ageing process through oxygenation and better nourishment of all cells
  • Improving physical and mental capacity
  • Stimulation of skin cells – fibroblasts producing collagen and elastin – resulting in firm and toned skin
  • Increasing activity of osteoblasts and osteoclasts which are responsible for a strong bone structure
  • Quicker regeneration following medical procedures, e.g. aesthetic medicine procedures
  • Quicker toxin removal from the body
  • Better memory capacity